Georgetown schools will allow staff to be armed next year

Georgetown schools will allow staff to be armed next year (WKRC) This is a FILE PHOTO of a training scenario staff members underwent

GEORGETOWN, Ohio (WKRC) - Georgetown schools will allow staff, who are trained, to carry guns in school starting in the fall.

The school board voted unanimously to put the policy in effect.

Those who will carry guns will have extensive training, such as the training sessions that some staff underwent.

Under the policy, no one would be allowed without being certified.

The training also includes how to de-escalate situations.

The Superintendent says the training that staff will have to go through goes far beyond staff and teachers carrying guns in school and he says the school district is partnering with Georgetown's police department for the training.

Last Wednesday, Georgetown Village School District voted unanimously to pass a resolution that would allow certified teachers and staff members to carry guns.

It's part of an upgrade and update to the school's safety plan that happens each year.

Authorized teachers and staff will have to be concealed carry permit holders.

They will go through intensive training with the Tactical Defense Institute for three days and must earn a certificate.

The program costs $1500 per person.

Teachers and staff will get first responder training and first aid training.

They will also learn to de-escalate situations without using their guns.

The superintendent says they've been researching the subject for a year.

The superintendent says there are other school districts in Ohio that have already done it.

The closest one that he knows of near us is Bright Local School District in Highland County.

The school district adopted the resolution publicly last Wednesday.

The superintendent says it was done publicly to be transparent for the community.

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