Ghost ride for Rust: Cyclists honor fatally struck man with silent bike ride

Cyclists honor fatally struck man with silent bike ride (WKRC)

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - A simple bike ride ended the life of a local businessman about a month ago. Now cyclists are coming together to remember William Rust.

Peddling in silence is how a "Ghost Ride" rolls. Rust probably never met most of the cyclists, but they are all here to honor him.

Frank Henson is with Queen City Bike.

"We are finishing his ride for him. It's the most emotional thing that the bicycling community does. It's a sad thing," Henson said.

The Cincinnati Cycle Club and Queen City Bike put the ride together for the businessman. Rust owned the Candle Lab on Vine Street in Over-the-Rhine. The ride started at Lunken Airport and finished at Kellogg Park where his family members were waiting.

Police say about a month ago, Steven Sickle was high on drugs when he veered into rust on US 52 near 8 Mile Road. Sickle's lawyer claims he was not using drugs. Regardless, Rust was taken away from the people who loved him.

Steve Magas rode in the event. He's an attorney and cycling advocate.

"We promote cycling safety. We promote awareness. We helped get the 3-foot-law passed," Magas said. "So we are always working on educating cyclists, educating motorists, promoting safety. When we do this dance between the bike and the car, we are trying to make sure nobody gets hit because the cyclist loses everyone of those."

At the park, Rust's family members thanked to the crowd of strangers who made sure their loved-one was honored appropriately.

"What we hope is that this will help them have some sense of closure," said Henson.

The group placed a white bike on US 52 just east of 8 Mile Road in Anderson Township. The people who organized the event are hoping that when drivers see the bicycle, they will remember to slow down and be careful around cyclists.

Rust was hit in roughly the same area where another cyclist, Michael Prater, was killed. Police say that driver was also high on drugs.

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