GMC crew relaxes with goat yoga at Honey Sweetie Acres

Relax, stretch and laugh with the goats at Honey Sweetie Acres in Goshen (WKRC)

GOSHEN, Ohio (WKRC) One of the hottest trends sweeping the nation right now is goat yoga. You can find it in Goshen at Honey Sweetie Acres. Sheila Gray, Jen Dalton, Tera Blake and Bob Herzog gave it a try.

The GMC crew started their experience feeding some of the little goats.

Then a quick brush of the goat pellets off the yoga mat. Then, it was on to stretching and yoga with the occasional goat jumping on their backs.

The folks at Honey Sweetie Acres say it's a great way to commune with nature, stretch and laugh. "The goats steal the show."

Honey Sweetie Acres also sells soap, made with what else? Goat milk.

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