Goshen teen dominates her division in Ohio Mini Roadracing League

14-year-old Goshen girl dominates her division in Ohio Mini Roadracing League (WKRC)

GOSHEN, Ohio (WKRC) - A Goshen teen is taking the race track by storm. Delaney Ritchie first hopped on a motorcycle at 13. Though some of her competition is more than twice her age, the now 14-year-old makes coming in first against men look like a breeze.

"At first they're like, they think I can't do it because I'm a girl and after it's like, 'oh wow, she beat me' It feels fun when I beat them. It feels really good," said Delaney.

As a young girl dominating in a male-dominant sport, that feels even better. "She doesn't get any slack, she doesn't get any help. I mean once you're on the track we're all equal."

Delaney just finished her second racing season in the Ohio Mini Roadracing League. "It was actually at this track I got fastest lap time. Won by half a track."

This was her younger brother Landen's sport, until one day her stepfather Chris Meyer said everything changed. "She got up. Came down the steps of the camper and said, 'I want to race today'. I guess I'll go borrow a bike for her because we didn't have an extra one."

Her first race and her first time on a bike, she won second and third place. So, she thought she'd keep doing it.

"She had never raced before, so that's a little excessive to do that well straight out of the gate but you never know. She has natural talent," said Supermoto racer Travis Evans.

This season, she was the overall points champion in the OMRL's stock novice class. Her parents said, "she watches and studies. Yeah, she watches and studies and out here it's all about focus it really is."

Next season, she'll move from novice to expert. Delaney will also compete on her fastest bike in the WERA motorcycle roadracing league. It's a league in which her stepdad used to compete. "I want to win some races in WERA and then go to MotoAmerica and go on from there."

Delaney's parents won't pump the breaks on her dreams. "If that's what she wants to do we support it 100%. As far as she wants to go, absolutely."

There's no doubt Delaney can get there fast. She won the Central Illinois Mini Moto race in October and set a track record for fastest lap time.

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