Grandmother says stray bullets from gun range have hit her home more than once

Grandmother says stray bullets from gun range have hit her home more than once. (WKRC)

ST. CLAIR TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - An 88-year-old woman finds herself dodging bullets while sitting in her own living room.

So, everyone is asking the question: Who's firing them?

There was a packed house on Monday at the St. Clair Township Hall. Just about everyone who lives on Gephart Road was there complaining about bullets that have been hitting homes.

Trustees are moving to have a gun range declared a public nuisance, but the range owner is deflecting blame.

Last Thursday afternoon, Berniece Wright was sitting in her living room watching TV when all of a sudden, there were loud booms and the sounds of glass cracking and shattering.

The 88-year-old grandmother says the bullet hole in her picture window paints a clear picture of what happened.

The bullet damaged her drapes, whistled across the room, hitting her table and damaging the blinds. The bullet was found on the kitchen floor.

Wright says this wasn't the first time. On separate occasions, bullets hit her garage and neighbors on Gephart Road have experienced close calls.

The neighbors suspect the bullets may be coming from a gun range on the opposite side of a nearby open field.

“Didn’t come from here. Fact,” said Jesse Von Stein, who owns Lake Bailee Recreation Park and Gun Range.

Von Stein is sending a letter to Wright. He says he understands why she should would look at the gun range as the source, but he has done some calculations and the math doesn’t add up.

Von Stein says that on top of that, no one was shooting weapons at the range that fired the bullet that hit the home.

Wright has lived in her home the past 54 years. Her family wants her and her neighbors to be safe.

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