Group donates beds and blankets to family

Group donates beds and blankets (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (Angela Ingram) - Beverly Graves and Cincinnati Police Officers were loading a truck for a special delivery Friday, Dec. 11.

Mattresses, box springs, blankets, and sheets were all going to a family in need. Graves works with a non-profit called Feast of Love Ministries.

She said, "It's a way for us to just love and let people know that they're loved just because of who they are, that they deserve to be loved."

The bed delivery was part of the "Sleeping Sound" program that partners with officers in the Community Relations Unit.

"Well, you know it's overwhelming because when you see the need that is out there and you realize that there are actually people sleeping on the floor, not on a bed, and we take that for granted," said Officer Louis Arnold.

He and Officer Richard Longworth helped Graves with the delivery. The beds were for Vanessa Charles and her family who live in North Fairmount. Charles has custody of her twin grandchildren, Kaylinn and Kayden, and her nephew, Terry. Vanessa has a nice home for the kids, but she didn't have enough beds for them to all sleep comfortably. She was thrilled to see the children's faces when they saw their beds.

"Oh that was wonderful. It was awesome. I love it. It just does a lot for your heart. It really does and I'm just happy. I'm thrilled for them and I'm just thankful and it's just a blessing," Vanessa said.

Not only did the volunteers bring in the beds for the children, but each child got to pick their very own blanket, the one they liked the most, and they got their own sheets. What followed were smiles and hugs and that feeling you get when you know someone is changing a child's life for the better. They were early Christmas gifts for the kids that will help them have the sweetest dreams.

Feast of Love Ministries is always looking for donations so other families can get help.

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