Guardian Angels: Workers credited for saving 81-year-old with special needs

Workers credited for saving 81-year-old with special needs (WKRC)

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) – Last Friday, no one was sure if Robert Green's time was coming to an end.

The 81-year-old stopped breathing and, at one point, was lifeless. Then his "guardian angels" stepped up.

The residents and workers at Manney House in Colerain are like a big family. Stephanie Sims has worked there for 21 years and Crystal Thomas has been there for 12.

Last Friday, the women were in the right place when Robert Green started gasping for air and went limp in their arms.

"She was on the one side and I was on the other and it seemed like he just kind of completely went out. So we lowered him really quickly and look, listen, and feel for any signs of life and we got nothing," said Stephanie.

They called 911, but they knew they had to act, and immediately started CPR. It seemed to take a while. Crystal and Stephanie were exhausted from the process, but eventually, it worked.

“Finally I had administered a breath and then all of the sudden a big poof of air just came out and it was almost like wow, we got him. He's back,” Stephanie said.

Robert wasn't out of the woods. At the hospital, doctors recommended hospice, but Stephanie and Crystal keep visiting Robert and tried to help him eat.

"Later we had went over, attempted to feed him and saw that all he really needed was to come home and he'd be okay and the next day, he came home," said Crystal.

Taking care of people with developmental disabilities isn't just a job for the workers. It's a calling. It takes dedication and caring. Having Robert back makes every day worth it.

“For a minute we just thought we wouldn't get him back, but we wouldn't give up,” Crystal said.

Stephanie and Crystal say after this experience, they are huge believers in CPR. Manney House has been open since the mid-1980's. The workers say they always need more dedicated people to help them take care of the residents.

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