Gunman sentenced for shooting man, toddler in Madisonville

The judge sentenced Ernest Cephas to 25 years in prison for shooting a man and a toddler in Madisonville (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A judge sentenced the man who shot another man and a toddler to 25 years in prison. Ernest Cephas still denies involvement in the Madisonville double shooting.

Timothy Reed was shot in the chest as he put Jon'Quezz, 2, in a car seat on Whetzel Avenue in July of 2016. The boy was shot in the head.

Cephas' attorney and family pleaded for mercy and leniency during Cephas' sentencing. Cephas read a letter in court. In it, he said he was "forced into trial with nobody saying I shot a gun and no witness saying I did anything."

Cephas also called told the judge he received "insufficient council" from his attorneys who he said "promised me a victory". He said he planned to appeal immediately.

The assistant prosecutor called the daytime shooting in the middle of a neighborhood brazen. She said he fired with no regard for anyone else.

Judge Tom Heekin almost gave Cephas the maximum possible sentence. "Sir, you shot a two-year-old in the head in a moving motor vehicle. The child still has a bullet in his brain, has disabilities, as a result of your actions. The court notes the sentence is necessary to protect the public from future crime and or the published reoffender."

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