Guns in Schools: Emergency response training for educators

Over the last couple of years, more than 45 school districts from around Ohio have sent teachers and staff to a unique tactical training facility in Adams County.The educators receive what's called "FASTER" training. It stands for Faculty Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response. Among other things they are trained to use guns in their schools.The teachers and administrators have come from more than a dozen different Ohio counties. All the "students" already have their concealed carry licenses and the blessing of their school boards. At John Benner's Tactical Defense Institute in Adams County, they're learning powerful lessons about how to use guns in their schools.The two day training is paid for by the Buckeye Firearms Association, a 501 c3.Jim Irvine from Buckeye told Local 12 News, "The first couple of years we trained teachers and they went back and asked for permission to carry now we have school boards and school administrators sending us people saying, 'Will you please train them?'"While this is a first level class, some school districts have already progressed to second or third level's. And the program keeps expanding. The training at TDI is about a whole lot more than just guns and shooting. Angela Armstrong is one of the instructors for the buckeye firearms association.Just off the range, she explained, "It's a huge responsibility to carry. Not just going through a concealed carry class you need to go get mindset training. The mindset is key, knowing how to use a firearm is one part of it."In addition to learning things like how to hang on to your weapon, personal safety training and situational awareness, the students also learn tactical combat casualty care. Just like the military, and they all receive trauma packs in case someone's seriously injured on their campus.Lead instructor and TDI owner John Benner said, "These people's job is to stop the shooter then control the chaos. We want people to be as good a shooter as they're gonna be but the bottom line is the tactics are the thing that will really save people's lives."Local 12 News was asked not to identify the teachers and school districts involved in the training so that none of the staffers carrying weapons could become specific targets at a later date.John Benner is known as one of the foremost experts on this kind of training in the entire country and it is beginning to expand all across the U.S.CLICK HERE if you'd like more information about "FASTER" training or TDI.

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