Hamilton County center provides supervised visit space

Hamilton County center help judges make decisions with more compassion (WKRC)

MADISONVILLE, Ohio (WKRC) - Divorce can be diffcult, and figuring out how to share a child is challenging. When families are court ordered supervised visits, they might have nowhere to go.

Not anymore. There's a new place for kids to be kids.

"We can't forget when parents get divorced there's kids involved," said John Banchy, President and CEO of the Children's Home of Cincinnati.

These classrooms are filled with things for kids to do with their parents, but they are also a safe space, equipped with security cameras, separate entrances, and an officer.

"It's going to allow them to have a relationship with a parent that maybe that have not seen in a while," said Kimberly Kent, Supervisor for the Hamilton County Court Dispute Relation Department.

Many parents don't have the means for a supervised visit after a divorce.

"If they had a family member who was willing, or maybe the other parent, but that's not always the best setting for children so they need something more neutral," said Kent.

That neutral place also gives Judges an option they didn't have before.

"One of the most difficult tasks of a judge or magistrate is when parenting time is terminated. It is literally a gut wrenching decision. With this now available as an option, it becomes a much more productive alternative," said Judge Sieve, Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court.

The children's home helps over 10,000 at risk kids in Cincinnati, and with this new center, it hopes it can help even more.

Court ordered supervisions will start here January 2nd.

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