Hamilton kicks off Talent Attraction Program to encourage college grads to live downtown

Hamilton kicks off Talent Attraction Program to encourage college grads to live downtown (WKRC)

HAMILTON, Ohio (WKRC) - A city's that's in the midst of a renaissance is using money to motivate young talent to live and work in downtown.

City leaders in Hamilton say it's the first of its kind in Ohio.

The city wants to keep its homegrown talent and attract others to live downtown. So, it's offering some financial incentive, a reverse scholarship worth up to $5,000 to help pay off that college debt, should you join Alexander Hamilton and live downtown.

Taylor Welch grew up in Hamilton, went off to college and instead of going off to a big city, he came back home to live and work.

Taylor is making an impact. He’s an interior designer and he designed the outdoor mural in downtown Hamilton which is enjoying a major renaissance.

New businesses and restaurants have opened. Old buildings have been renovated to make room for downtown living and new apartments are being built.

It's people like Taylor that Hamilton is appealing to with its talent attraction program. Instead of losing young people to the big cities, Hamilton is offering what's called a reverse scholarship.

As an incentive to live downtown, Hamilton is offering up $5,000 to pay down student debt.

Katie Braswell is with the Hamilton Community Foundation, which sponsors the program. She says Hamilton’s renaissance is just beginning and hopes more young people will be a part of it.

Seeing a bright future for his hometown, Taylor Welch knows he made the right call in staying home.

Unfortunately, Taylor is not eligible because he already lives downtown.

Restrictions are that you can work in Hamilton or Butler County but you have to live in the downtown core area. Should you leave, you would forfeit future funding.

If approved by Hamilton City Council later this month, the Talent Attraction Program to be available this spring.

For more information check the Hamilton Community Foundation's website by following this link.

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