Hamilton school resource officer gets help from community after emergency brain surgery

Hamilton school resource officer gets help from community after emergency brain surgery (WKRC)

HAMILTON, Ohio (WKRC) - Sometimes things happen in our lives that make us reflect on where we've been and where we are headed.

That's what happened to Hamilton Police Officer Earnie Huff last month.

Officer Huff didn't know what he meant to the community until he needed sudden risky brain surgery.

Officer Huff is always smiling and looking kids in the eyes, especially on the first day of school at Hamilton High. It's his personality, but it's also his strategy.

"Some don't want to talk to me, I make sure I talk to them. Make sure they're greeted. I make sure they are acknowledged when they come by me,” said Officer Huff.

Officer Huff didn't really know how many lives he's touched until late last month. He lost his balance at home and seem confused. It turned out a large aneurism was ready to rupture. Officer Huff needed emergency brain surgery.

"It was risky. Every one of the contingencies came with a unique set of risks, including stroke and death,” said Officer Huff.

Lori, a teacher at Hamilton High School, didn't have time to get the word out.

"Our church put out prayer chain: ‘Officer Huff in urgent need of prayer,’" said Lori.

That's all it took. That message was shared hundreds of times. Then Facebook messages started coming in.

Officer Huff is now at home recovering. A 20-foot banner was unfurled for him. It was in the school for students to sign and was taken down when there was no more room.

Then there are the hundreds of get well cards. The Huffs have read them all.

After the close call, Officer Huff says he is calculating his life. He wants to do more for the students, but his message will stay the same.

Officer Huff has been cleared to return to the high school after the holidays.

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