Harrison boy gets police escort home from cancer treatment

Harrison boy gets police escort home from cancer treatment (Eddie Richardson)

HARRISON, Ohio (WKRC) - A young Harrison boy got a surprise welcome home Wednesday after his third round of chemotherapy treatment.

Mason Richardson, 10, was wearing sunglasses of his favorite football team, the Cincinnati Bengals, as he rode in the front seat of a Harrison police car. Officer Willig drove as other Harrison emergency vehicles followed them through a crowd of his cheering classmates and teachers.

Richardson got to talk on the cruiser's two-way radio, received a badge from Willig and even got to "arrest" his dad when they got home. It was all captured on Facebook Live.

His father, Eddie, says the Harrison community has shown great support for Mason and their family.

"The support has been great for our family during all of this. He has received cards and care packages from friends and people in the Harrison community, [and] where we live have worn green in honor of Mason," Eddie said. "Many smiles have been put on his face from people that have shown they cared."

Mason, who has two younger brothers, was diagnosed with stage three Burkitt's Lymphoma in February, just after his 10th birthday.

After multiple tests, doctors discovered there was not only a mass in his stomach, but also one in his chest.

"Mason has had both good days and bad days during all of this, missing his friends, his own room, his pets at home and losing his hair," Eddie said. "When he is older, he will pull his strength from these moments and be a better man because of it all."

Mason has just one round of chemotherapy treatment left and doctors are confident he will be cured.

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