Health Dept. investigates lake at Camp Kern after children develop rash

Health Dept. investigates lake at Camp Kern after children develop rash (WKRC)

OREGONIA, Ohio (WKRC) - Health inspectors looked for answers at a local camp after reports that some students got sick after a trip to the camp.

Officials in the Springboro School District alerted parents about students developing a rash after they returned from Camp Kern. Tests were being performed on lake water that caused rashes around the neck areas of some 30 school children.

Camp Kern said it has about six thousand youngsters a year come there for field trips. Fifth and sixth graders from a Springboro Elementary School were there for a field trip. After canoeing on Elk Lake, students broke out in rashes after they arrived home later in the day.

The Warren County Health Department was looking at algae on the lake water that may have contained bacteria. They wanted to see if that stagnant water may be the cause of the rash. Tests were performed Tuesday, October 11, as school children were back at Camp Kern taking part in field trip activities such as hiking and canoeing. Canoeing was apparently how the kids came in contact with the water to contract the rash.

The lake in question was not off limits Tuesday. Another Springboro Elementary School class was going ahead with plans for their Camp Kern field trip Wednesday, October 12.

While test results were not expected until Wednesday, the Warren County Health Department spoke to Camp Kern about the cleaning methods for life vests.

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