Heart transplant recipient bowling again

Heart transplant recipient bowling again (WKRC)

MADISONVILLE, Ohio (WKRC) - The area's first female heart transplant patient in years is back on her feet, and most importantly, back to bowling.

Glenda Grady bowls in a league with her team, The Fun Seekers, every Thursday.

"The energy, the fun of it, because we have a good time here. Everybody shows out. We have a good time," said Grady.

You wouldn't know it seeing her now, but Grady has survived a few heart attacks and a triple bypass surgery.

"She was honestly too sick to sustain all of the trauma that goes into a heart transplant, so we had to support her with that Left Ventricular Assist Device, or that LVAD, for a period of time to kind of beef her up again," said Dr. David Feldman, Director of Clinical Service Line at UC Medical Center.

"She said, 'Will I be able to go bowling again?' I said, 'Well, not for a certain amount of time, but we anticipate you're going to be doing it soon.' And every time she would come back to clinic she says, 'Can I go now? Can I go now? Can I go now?'" recalled Dr. Louis B. Louis, Chief of Cardiac Surgery at UC Medical Center.

Glenda finally got clearance to return to the game she loves, all the while knowing she was on borrowed time. Until she got a call.

"We got a heart for you. Get here. So, that's what I done. And been great ever since," said Grady.

So great that she's out-bowling her doctors. Turns out the hands that gracefully operate on our most vital organ struggle to guide a bowling ball down the lane.

"You'd be hard pressed to find a surgeon that doesn't have a competitive personality, but I'm happy to give one up to her," said Louis.

Grady's prognosis is good. She doesn't know who her donor heart came from, but she's sent a letter to the donor's family saying how thankful she is for another chance at life.

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