Hillsboro council: Make drug dealers pay for addict's treatment

Hillsboro council: Make drug dealers pay for addict's treatment (WKRC)

HILLSBORO, Ohio (WKRC) - Four members of Hillsboro City Council want to provide a civil remedy to residents injured by illegal controlled substances.

An ordinance cited as the “Drug Dealer Liability Ordinance” got a first reading this week.

The ordinance would establish a cause of action against dealers for monetary, non-economical and physical losses as the result of using an illegal controlled substance.

If passed, it would allow drug users to sue a dealer in civil court to cover things like substance treatment.

“That’s absolutely a good idea,” said James Hillis.

Hillis lives in Hillsboro but hadn’t heard of the proposal but says he’s all for any kind of law that does holds dealers accountable.

"You got to start somewhere. If we can start maybe other towns can start and we can eliminate some drugs,” said Hillis.

While many residents agree they want a solution to the drug problem, not everyone is in favor of addicts suing dealers.

"I think if we start making the people using the drugs accountable for their own treatment maybe they might quit using,” said Jennifer Conover.

In order to actually get money from a dealer in civil court, the user must report the dealer to police six months before filing suit. The filer must also be clean 30 days prior to filing.

"I think government in general is at a loss on how to stop it. Especially in a small town like ours it hits hard and it affects every aspect of community. It's not just for people, it's everybody you talk to know someone with an addiction problem,” said Conover.

The ordinance has been read once, it must be read three times before a vote can be made. To pass, five of the seven members of council must vote yes.


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