Holocaust survivor, philanthropist Sam Boymel dies at 94

Holocaust survivor, philanthropist Sam Boymel dies at 94 (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A man who survived the Holocaust, then came to the Tri-State and lived the American dream, has passed away.

Sam Boymel arrived in Cincinnati in 1949 with seven dollars in his pocket that had been given to him by American soldiers.

Over the years, he grew a chain of nursing homes and became a well-known philanthropist.

He escaped when the ghetto where his family was forced to live in part of Poland that is now Ukraine was liquidated.

Boymel's mother gave him her own sweater and told him to run, and he spent the next three years hiding from the Nazis.

18 years ago, Boymel returned to his hometown and found bones scattered in a mass grave where Jews had been slaughtered.

He brought some of the bones back and buried them in a local cemetery.

Sam Boymel was 94-years-old.

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