Honoring sacrifice: Specialist Ronald Jeter & Officer Daniel Pope killed 20 years ago

Specialist Ronald Jeter & Officer Daniel Pope killed 20 years ago (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - 20 years ago, a Tuesday night was one of the darkest in Cincinnati’s history.

On December 5th, 1997, Cincinnati Police Specialist Ronald Jeter and Officer Daniel Pope were gunned down while serving a domestic violence warrant.

This Tuesday evening, their sacrifices were honored with a gathering at Holy Grail restaurant. It meant a lot to the families who are missing their loved-one.

Stacy Jeter Cromwell is Specialist Jeter’s cousin. Cromwell came to the gathering to represent her family.

“Me and Ronald grew up together. We're only two months apart. We played in the same playpen. We went to high school together. We did a lot together and this moment right now means that Cincinnati family cared,” Cromwell said.

The men and other officers are always remembered at the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum. Their pictures are on a wall that displays those killed in the line of duty.

Retired CPD Police Lieutenant Steve Kramer volunteers at the museum.

“The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum started as a historical society in 1998 largely because of Pope and Jeter,” Kramer said. “A couple of people wanted to know after the memorial parade, they wanted to see more about the other officers who died in the line of duty.”

The museum collects from law enforcement agencies from all over the Tri-State. Retired CPD Detective Dic Gross is the museum curator.

“It's very traumatic when you know people especially that have been murdered. So I think in some ways that helps police officers deal with what they see every day," said Gross. “We view ourselves as a bridge between the community and the police departments. We think it's very important that everyone understand that policemen aren't an army of occupation in their neighborhoods, that we're actually there to help them.”

When officers step up to serve, the families of the fallen hope the public recognizes the sacrifice.

Cromwell remembers how much her cousin loved his job. “To go out there and just help the public was just something he enjoyed doing,” she said.

Officer Pope is survived by his wife. Specialist Jeter left behind a fiancée and three children.

The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum runs largely on donations and fundraisers.

If you would like to help, you can follow this link.

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