"I'm here for a reason": Officer returns to school after brain surgery

Officer returns to school after brain surgery

HAMILTON, Ohio (WKRC) - Perhaps nobody understood the power of one man until he almost died.

Hamilton Police Officer Ernie Huff has worked in Hamilton City Schools for 26 years. In November, he had an aneurysm that required risky brain surgery.

Monday was his first day back to work at Hamilton High School and it was an emotional return.

Officer Ernie Huff's entrance to Hamilton High School was cheer-worthy. He is known for his hallway “princess waves” and so much more.

Officer Huff believes every child needs someone to talk to.

“He's my idol. If I need someone, I go to him. He's someone I can count on if I have a problem,” said Andrea Mancera, a Hamilton High School student. ”I go to him"

It took a near death experience for Officer Huff to find out how important he is to the students. In December, when he was recovering from the brain surgery, there were many Facebook messages, many prayers, and many cards that revealed what he hadn't realized.

"It was scary. Now, I realize I'm here for a reason, I'm making a difference, didn't realize it before now. I realize I'm making a difference,” said Officer Huff.

The sign inside the high school said "Welcome Back" but the hugs, tears, and the cheers said something else… “Welcome Home”.

Officer Huff has been a Hamilton Police officer 29 years

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