Simpson concedes, John Cranley wins mayoral race

Simpson concedes, John Cranley wins mayoral race (WKRC)


CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Incumbent Mayor John Cranley will remain the mayor of Cincinnati.

He says that his campaign has "won an historic victory in all parts of town," and the incoming poll results make a strong case for that.

Councilwoman Yvette Simpson's conceded the race on Tuesday night. Cranley defeated Simpson 54% to 46% with a total of 32,617 votes to her 27,845.

Cranley voted early Tuesday morning in Hyde Park.

"I feel like I'm running like the underdog. I've never worked at anything harder in my life. Door knocking for 6 months, listening to people on their doorsteps in their living rooms, my wife's been out there door knocking, making phone calls," said Cranley. "The primary was a very humbling experience and so we have been shoe leather and door knocking. this is our city too, and I care deeply about it too. i'm confident I can deliver as I have been delivering in moving the city in the right direction."

In the meantime, Simpson was hopeful.

"We are hoping for lots of thumbs up, lots of yes to Yvette and we're hoping for a victory tonight. and that it won't be at midnight. We hope it won't be a super long night but we definitely want to win," said Simpson. "We had a couple of undecided people that we were able to convince at the polling location so that's always good and that's why we come out here because you never know what people are going to decide so if you can get that last moment with that voter before they go in it's a win."

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