Juveniles arrested after two cars stolen from Springfield Township

Juveniles arrested after two cars stolen from Springfield Township (WKRC)

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Ohio (WKRC) – During one investigation into a group of teens accused of stealing an SUV, police in Springfield Township came across another group of kids in another stolen car.

Several police officers responded to a stolen car investigation, which ended in the arrest of four teens. What began as a pursuit at Kolping Park through the soccer fields and woods stretched through numerous locations from the Hill Top Plaza in Mt. Healthy to Kroger in North College Hill and ending near a barbershop not far from the Kroger.

Somehow, two of the teens ended up behind a barbershop on W. Galbraith Road in North College Hill. Police arrested a girl immediately. A police dog tracked down the boy hiding in a garbage can behind the barbershop. He was also arrested.

During all the chases, police found the second vehicle: a white truck. Four teens were pursued from there and three were arrested.

Police say all seven know each other and go to school together in North College Hill. The teens range in age from 13 to 16. All were taken to the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center.

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