Latest fire closes Superior Linen and Apparel for good after 91 years

Latest fire closes Superior Linen and Apparel for good after 91 years (WKRC)

WALNUT HILLS, Ohio (WKRC) - For a third time, Superior Linen and Apparel has been destroyed. However, this time, the company will not rebuild after a May 22nd four alarm fire.

The fire has left the plant a total loss. Last week the company made the announcement it would not bounce back after 91 years of business.

"It was devastating; I mean I spent 15 years there. day in and day out, sometimes on Saturdays. It was heartbreaking, it brought me to tears,” said Wanda Brewster.

Wanda Brewster had been an employee at the plant for 15 years as a machine operator. She was medical leave at the time of the fire but has stayed in touch with co-workers.

"There's a lady that's been there for 35 years, 29 years, 18 years so there's some long term employees there and they feel it's very hard to go back out into the job market after being someplace for 35 years and start looking for a job,” said Brewster.

Brewster must also find a new job. She says she’s got some interviews lined up in the coming weeks.

The company made a comeback after 1960 fire destroyed its previous building. The company was also closed for 26 weeks after the flood of 1937.

Brewster says Superior Linen and Apparel recently informed employees of the closing.

"They sent out a letter to all the employees thanking for us for all of our service through the years and that they were sorry they just could bring it back,” said Brewster.

At the moment the fire department has not released a cause of the fire.

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