Life after senior center closing: Services continue at new locations

Life after senior center closing: Services continue at new locations (WKRC)

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WKRC) - For 30 years the Sycamore Senior Center was the social center of its members worlds.

Hundreds of senior citizens used the center to dance, exercise, play games but most importantly socialize. Jack Bullock spent may days there playing billiards. Bullock also remembers movie day.

"On Friday afternoons they would show movies and there again a lot of those older people that was pretty much the social outlet in their lives," said Bullock.

For Bullock, he and the other pool players have a new place to call the shots, The Sharonville VFW.

"We were starting to get a little anxious about finding somebody that would adopt us," said Bullock. "But the people at the Sharonville VFW have been very gracious. "

All the activities the seniors enjoyed will continue just not under one roof. Many of them however will be hosted at the Sharonville Community Center. Maple Knoll Communities owned the Sycamore Center but after budget cuts and declining income to cover the operating costs, a sale was imminent.

"The sycamore senior center was a wonderful facility and we offered a variety of educational and recreational programs so one of our main priorities was to make sure that every older adult attending an activity was able to use another facility for those programs and services," said Megan Ulrich of Maple Knoll.

The need for outreach services is also expanding and Maple Knoll will continue to operate its meals on wheels programs and it's medical transportation for those needing a ride. Maple Knoll also said it has added meal delivery service for pets too.

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