Local family deals with sudden, tragic deaths of four family members

A family in Northern Kentucky is dealing with unimaginable tragedy. (WKRC)

GRANT COUNTY, Ky. (WKRC) – A family in Northern Kentucky is dealing with unimaginable tragedy. The head of the family just died in an accident a few days ago. She's the fourth person in the family to die suddenly in the last eight months.

The Meyer family is doing their best to get through the holidays. They've had four recent deaths in the family, including Kris Meyer’s grandmother, Sheila Holda. Holda died Friday morning in a crash on Dixie highway.

Kris said, “I've never broken down in my life until Friday. I've got five kids who.. our support system's gone. My grandmother held us all together."

Holda was on her way to get money for her daughter’s cremation when her vehicle hit several trees. Her daughter, Jeana Stewart, died just after Thanksgiving. Stewart was preparing Thanksgiving dinner when she suffered a heart attack. Holda’s other daughter and great-granddaughter died about eight months ago. Cheryl and Christina Jeffers were in a crash on Weaver Road on March 31st.

Kris said, “The entire family, I mean what's left of us, it's just been hard. I mean we've had so many funerals. I've taken work off.”

His wife, Tiffany, reflected on the family they lost. “They were full of love and there was never a time if you were there they wouldn't give you a hug and tell you they loved you and they always let you know how much you mean to them,” Tiffany said.

The focus is now remembering their loved ones in every way and making the holidays as bright as possible for the youngest members of the family who miss their loved ones.

Kris said, “My landlord went out of his way to try to help us with Christmas and got ahold of everybody we could at church because everything we had we've spent on the cremations and the funeral.”

Tiffany added, “It's going to be really hard providing them any physical gifts with all the costs with the funeral and the estates.”

The double memorial service for Sheila Holda and Jeana Stewart is this Saturday afternoon at 1:30. It's at the Eastside Nazarene church in Covington.

Click here to visit the GoFundMe set up to help the family

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