Local former users angered over report of DEA being "disarmed" in opioid fight

Local former users angered over report of DEA being disarmed in opioid fight (WKRC)

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WKRC) - There are tough questions after a “60 Minutes” report about the opioid crisis.

The investigation found congress helped “disarm” the “Drug Enforcement Administration” with a new law as the epidemic got worse.

The 60 Minutes report suggests a new law passed by Congress has helped disarm the DEA. Fewer disciplinary actions taken against opioid providers resulting in an increase in drug overdoses.

The report is angering former heroin users and their families.

Laura Ragle says she spent six years on heroin and now she's been clean for four. She says she spent much of her addicted years in Middletown, which has been hard hit by the opioid crisis. Before heroin, she says there were pain killers.

At the height of the heroin crisis, drug treatment centers, like “Choices”, opened their doors in Middletown.

The end result is that people came off the street and are getting clean.

Choices now has 100 clients, former opioid users on the road to recovery with the help of counselors.

There has been unbelievable progress in Middletown. Treatment centers are working together. The police chief says that there has been a 30 percent decrease in overdoses in the past four months. Fewer people are dying and enjoying life, like Laura Ragle, free of heroin.

The group, Americans for Limited Government, takes issue with the report, saying 60 Minutes and the Washington Post, which co-authored the report, are trivializing the opioid crisis.

It says it began well before the law was passed in 2016.

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