Local groups make plans to help Hurricane Irma victims

As Hurricane Irma continues to pound Florida, the full extent of damage is unknown (WKRC)

CINCINNATI, OH. (WKRC) – As Hurricane Irma continues to pound Florida, the full extent of damage is unknown. However, in the greater Cincinnati area, dozens of organizations are making plans to help victims of the storm.

All weekend long at the Harvest Home Fair in Cheviot, Judson Care Center and the fair teamed up to collect donations of supplies and money to give to Matthew 25 Ministries.

"People in Cheviot and the west side of town have been really generous,” said Ann Rose of Judson Care Center. “Out here helping us out so we can help out all the hurricane victims. There's going to be way more of those coming up so we want to do what we can."

Just down the road, the folks of Upscale Landscaping are doing their part. They loaded up four trucks and are taking a seven member team to Florida to help clean up debris so that people can access the roads and grocery stores.

"These are essential areas for first responders to get through, these are essential areas for supplies to get in and out of places so we are anticipating to get down there and get these areas, get the bobcats, get the chainsaws, cut stuff up and just move it out of the way, " said Upscale Landscaping Owner Chris Gum.

And across the river in Independence, Ky. Four members of the fire department are heading to Tallahassee.

"We've been told it could be hospital transfer, it could be first aid stations,” said Captain Phil Dietz.

The group will be gone for a week.

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