Local high school students partner with "La Soupe" to make soup for the hungry

Local high school students partner with "La Soupe" to make soup for the hungry (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Vegetables that would have been thrown out have become soup for the hungry with the help of a local high school.

Rescue, transform, share. That's the philosophy of the nonprofit, “La Soupe.”

It creates healthy meals to feed the hungry.

On Thursday, "La Soupe" took more than a ton of vegetables to Indian Hill High School.

By the end of Friday, there will be enough soup to feed 15,000 hungry Cincinnatians.

Thousands of pounds of rescued vegetables were laid out on the chopping block for the Indian Hill High School students.

La Soupe, headed by Chef Suzy DeYoung closes the gap between food waste and hunger.

The vegetables are at the heart of 5,000 quarts of soup.

"Cincinnati is bad in terms of childhood hunger, and food insecurity, all vegetable soup will be redistributed all around Cincinnati to children who may not know where next meal is coming from,” said Luke Schumann of Indian Hill High School.

"It's a great opportunity for food that was going to be thrown in trash to give back to the

Community,” said Bryn Irvine of Indian Hill High School.

In the cafeteria kitchen, vegetables are seasoned and roasted then mixed with soup bases.

"We have celery, potatoes, onions, steam jackets on the sweet potatoes, roasted seasoning homemade soup from scratch,” said La Soupe Chef Colin Smith.

PTO mothers came up with the service project idea.

"I think it’s good, we help feed other people less fortunate, I’m glad I’m part of it,” said Elilzabeth Saba of Indian Hill High School.

"We have socially conscious kids in here, they're proud, they want to help, you just have to give them a way to help,” said Chef Suzy DeYoung of La Soupe.

The soups will be in containers labeled and put in boxes, frozen, then distributed to 47 agencies, most of them schools.

"It's totally childhood poverty, finding new solutions is the old solutions, start cooking, start learning basic skills, ‘Home Ec’ needs to be back in classrooms,” said Chef Suzy.

Rescue, transform, share. La Soupe's philosophy placed into a school lunchroom.

Rescued vegetables transformed into hot meals, to be shared with 15,000 hungry people. It’s a lesson well learned.

Partners in La Soupe include Kroger, Jungle Jim's and Sugar Creek.

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