Local man finds lost ring for owner after 40 years

Local man finds lost ring for owner after 40 years (WKRC)

CORBIN, Ky. (WKRC) - A treasure lost by a boy nearly 40 years ago stayed buried in the soil until recently.

That's when a local man found the school ring and then discovered the story of the boy who lost it. It was a shiny object, roughly one inch deep in the soil. The ring was a great find for Gary Fishman. He's a member of a club dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting called the Ohio Detectorists Association.

Gary was recently with his group on what they call a "hunt" in Corbin, Kentucky. Two-thirds of what they find ends-up in the garbage. They consider it a community service to help clean up the town where they are hunting. However, every now and then something special turns up… a piece of history.

Gary said, "Silver always comes out of the ground beautiful. After cleaning it, I realized that there were three initials inside, DLM."

Gary found what ended up being an eighth grade school ring. He started researching, trying to find the owner. He contacted the public library, the historical society, the ring manufacturer, and he used social media. He was unable to find the owner until eventually a newspaper reporter did a story on the mystery ring. She found out that "DLM" is David L. Mills who now lives in the state of Washington.

Mills said, "I just think it's amazing that it looks like it looks. I mean, it looks like it looked the last time I saw it and it's been in the ground nearly 40 years."

Gary said, "He wanted to pay me for it and my comment to that was, 'You've been serving our country. There's no way I'm going to charge you to return your ring.'"

Gary calls himself an ambassador of the hobby. For Gary, this is not about personal gain. The reward is reuniting lost treasures to their rightful owners.

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