WWE wrestler's son looks to blaze his own trail

WWE wrestler's son works towards fulfilling his father's legacy (WKRC)

ERLANGER, Ky. (WKRC) - When we first introduced you to Brian Pillman II in 2017, he was embarking on a journey to become a professional wrestler, in hopes of achieving the superstar status of his late father, Flyin' Brian Pillman.

Since then, he's gotten a little more tan, a lot more toned, and if you ask him, has significantly upgraded his hairstyle, in the form of a mullet.

"It is not just a gimmick", says Pillman. "It is actually designed to keep the hair out of your face, while still enjoying the awesome, long hair."

The transformation from a kid hoping to follow in dad's legendary footsteps, to a full fledged professional wrestler is still very much a work in progress.

"I'm told I have a very good ring presence. As far as my technical abilities and my moves set, I'm still developing that, but when you see me come through that curtain, when you see me in the ring, I look like i belong there."

Right now, the young Pillman is paying his dues, first training for several months in Calgary, and then, quite literally learning the ropes on a small independent circuit..

"I did a lot of setting up rings, I did a lot of cleaning up, and really just starting from the bottom." says Pillman.

"You know, you're climbing the ladder and there might be a rung missing. So, you have to plan yourself. You have to build a brand."

Fans of Pillman's father may come to a show to see if this version can capture the style and swagger of the late, great WWE legend. But they're coming back when they find, the kid is forming his own identity. So far, they like what they see.

"I will get you going" says Pillman. "I will get your house rowdy. That's how I like to wrestle. If the crowd's not hot, I'll stand there and I'll get them hot."

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