Local WWII veteran celebrates a century

WWII veteran Bob Doolan celebrates his 100th birthday (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The memories of World War Two are still vivid for Bob Doolan. He remembers his plane being shot down behind enemy lines just like it was yesterday.

"The next day we were going to go into Belgium, and we get word that our pilot had made it to France and was captured, the two gunners had made it into Belgium and were captured. So there was a good chance our next safe house is compromised."

He also recalls his capture, as he approached what was supposed to be a safe haven for American soldiers.

"The door was open, I was inside, the door was shut. One hit me on the head, another one's got a gag in my mouth, another one's got me handcuffed, and a fourth one pushes me to the ground. Just like that."

Doolan spent 16 months in a German prison camp before being rescued.

"I had been waiting for it for 2 years. It was as good as I expected."

As he celebrates his one 100th birthday, Doolan credits his family, and his 33 years as a scout master for his longevity.

"I have helped a lot of boys" said Doolan. "and some of them still come back."

His daughter Patti says her father was always very involved in her life.

"We were in girl scouts, he'd come to girl scout camp and bake cakes the boy scout way. I think we all have a love of travel from him and my mom, taking us and going for drives; just a lot of good family times together."

As for any advice he may have for finding purpose in the world, Doolan says, "Know that there's a job each day. It doesn't have to be big, but whatever it is, you do it the best you can."

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