Lost Love: Middletown shutters community charity program

    Women in Middletown began a charity program, giving away items for free to those in need from their yards. Now, the city has shut down their program. (WKRC)<p>{/p}

    MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WKRC) - Rosezetta Huff and Donnetta Miller often spend time on the porch. The neighbors met about two years ago. Huff, or “Ms. Rosezetta,” watches over the block.

    She said, “All of them call me the neighborhood Mom.”

    The women and one of their friends started helping the community by giving away things around the home they didn’t need. Eventually they began getting donations and giving them out. They called it “Community Love."

    “We have people that have come down the street that didn’t have any shoes on their feet, and we gave them shoes," Huff said.

    Miller added, “We have toys and books for the kids. They love it. Stuffed animals.”

    They first started putting things out on tables every other Saturday, then every Saturday. Eventually they began doing it as it was needed.

    Now, they can no longer do it. Someone reported them and they got a letter from the city saying the giveaways outside of their homes violate ordinances.

    “I just opened up the letter and I said it has both of our addresses on it. They’re talking about what we’re doing free for the community,” said Huff.

    People have seen the many posts on social media. Some have donated from as far away as Alabama. The women are hurt that they can no longer help their neighbors.

    “I just hope somebody sees this and literally know we do this out of love,” Donnetta said through tears. “I just hope somebody sees this and knows that we love what we do. So why would somebody do that stop us from helping others, you know?”

    The ladies are looking into whether someone will donate a space for them to continue giving or if an arrangement can be made with the city.

    Middletown city officials said Friday that they want to work with Community Love to find a solution. They said they are waiting to hear from the group to find a way to help.

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