Love Hurts, Love Heals: Gifts for grieving mothers

    Love Hurts, Love Heals: Gifts for grieving mothers (WKRC)

    MILFORD, Ohio (WKRC) - A local business offers handmade gift boxes for women struggling with the death of a child.

    It's a busy week for LaurelBox co-owner Denise Wolfe as Mother's Day approaches. She started her online business around May in 2015 with her cousin. The ladies realized there was nothing on the market for their friends and relatives who had lost a child, so they researched and developed their own business.

    "We really wanted something that would nourish their heart . . . that she just felt loved and remembered, that she wasn't alone, but we also wanted something for the friend. Because a lot of friends don't know what to say, so they don't say anything," said Wolfe.

    She hasn't personally experienced the loss of a child, so she interviewed mothers who had. She handpicks and designs products with messages that are appropriate and heartfelt. Boxes can include a mug, jewelry, artisan tea, and a handwritten card. One of the messages reads: Forget Me Not.

    In the last year Wolfe has packaged and shipped out 1,000 boxes. She said the response has been overwhelming.

    "I just spent a lot of time packaging each individual box and I just really wanted that to be felt by the woman who received it and when we started hearing that back, that was so much affirmation for us and we just felt like, okay, let's keep going."

    Orders need to be received by noon Wednesday, May 4, to arrive in time for Mother's Day. The gifts vary in price, but an average box costs about $50-$60.

    CLICK HERE to order one and/or visit their website.

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