MacGyver comes back to TV with a new cast and new tricks

MacGyver comes back to TV with a new cast and new tricks (WKRC)

ATLANTA (WKRC) - He has the same signature leather jacket and a knack for getting himself out of a jam using ordinary household objects. An all new MacGyver hits the air on Local 12 with a new face and a new bag of tricks up his sleeve.

The 80s classic is getting a modern update for a new generation of fans. Big shoes to fill? Absolutely but fresh-faced Lucas Till is ready to take up the mantle. "I've always loved action movies since I was a kid. I think I probably wanted to be more like Arnold Schwarzenegger than some other actor I probably should have looked up to more."

But is he ready to MacGyver his way out of a tricky situation? "Roll of duct tape, paper clip, broken rubber hose.. save the day."

Alongside Mac is veteran CSI actor George Eads. He plays jack of all trades Jack Dalton. "This has been a real opportunity for me to play an action hero. I mean, it's been more physical than I was probably prepared for, but baptism by fire, and it's exciting every day."

Tristin Mays chips in as tech savvy Riley Davis. "I'm the computer techy. We didn't really have all that back in the 80's so, I'm kind of bringing in the new generation with the tablets and the cell phones and all the stuff. I'm doing the hacking."

And Justin Hires rounds out the cast with a little comic relief as MacGyver's best friend, Bozer. "He's out there saving lives and doing all these crazy missions and then he comes back to our house because we're roommates and I just kind of bring him back to reality."

"It hit me. I feel like him, I look like him, doing stuff like him and finally it hit me that I was MacGyver."

MacGyver will air Fridays at 8 p.m. If you missed the season premiere you can catch it again Sunday, Sept. 25 at approximately 10:30 p.m. The time will depend on football.

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