Made in Cincinnati: Frameri

OVER-THE-RHINE, Ohio (Josh Knight) -- A new trend in eyewear is being made right next to Washington Park. Frameri is designing a new wave of glasses, taking orders, cutting and tinting the glass all right here. The idea with Frameri is to make different lenses and frames Interchangeable, to make putting different looks together cheaper. As long as you stay within one line, you can pop out the lenses and put them in different frames.They take the prescription lenses, which already have the magnification set and then cut them down to size and get the right axis on the lens as well. Once they are the right shape they add the tint. They say it's almost like dying an easter egg, in a hot water bath.The company is young, launched in July of 2014. Just recently it has started growing very quickly. "Over the past month, we've grown about ten times," says Konrad Billetz, Founder and CEO. "So we're finally to that stage where people are starting to hear about it and talk about it and it's been great for us." Part of the reason the Frameri is located in Over-the-Rhine is due to its work with The Brandery. Billetz says that only about four percent of prescription eyewear is sold online because most people like to try them on. The exciting news is that you have an opportunity to do that now, since the shop is in Cincinnati. You can schedule an appointment on their website to go in and try things on.

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