Madeira High School students raise money for the Reds Community Fund

Madeira High School students raise money for the Reds Community Fund (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Five students at Madeira High School are trying to raise money for the Reds Community Fund by selling sweatshirts.

The students call themselves Grand Slam Industries and they're part of an entrepreneur class. The idea is to create a company that helps real world non-profits like the Reds Community Fund.

"These are the sweatshirts we have left, we originally had three boxes. It's awesome to see we only have one left," said Haley Hartung.

Haley is a student at Madeira High School. She’s already raised around a thousand dollars, but she’s not doing it alone. Her fellow teammates are in on the mission.

"We wanted to step forward and take action, put something in our own hands," said Gray Palmer.

Gray, along with the rest of the group, volunteer at the Reds Community Fund. They say more can be done to chip in and help the future generation of Cincinnatians.

"A lot of these kids don't have leadership roles in their families. For them to come to a place to look up to mentors like the older high school kids in the program, It's a great leadership role for them where they can learn baseball and excel in things like school and socially," said Palmer.

The reason why the group is putting on a cookout Friday night. The money raised with go straight to the program.

"It's really motivating to really say I'm going to help some people in Cincinnati especially the kids. You get to see them and we volunteer and we got to see these are the kids we're going to help," said Hartung.

This class assignment is also a competition. The group who raises the most money and social media followers, get a scholarship.

Click HERE for a link to the cookout information

Click HERE to buy a sweatshirt

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