Man accused of abducting his grandmother documents the incident on Facebook Live

Joshua Brackenridge is accused of jumping into his grandmother's car and forcing her to drive him around while he documented it on Facebook Live (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A man is accused of abducting his grandmother and forcing her to drive across town while documenting it on Facebook Live. Joshua Brackenridge is charged with abduction, domestic violence and unlawful restraint.


Brackenridge appeared surprised at his arraignment Friday morning after hearing the charges he's facing. He's accused of kidnapping his grandmother by climbing into her car in Harrison and threatening to kill her if she didn't drive him where he wanted to go.

A judge told Brackenridge, "You are being held in custody for a felony abduction, a misdemeanor domestic violence and a misdemeanor unlawful restraint."

Brackenridge later replied, "I did not abduct her. I got in her car. If anybody abducted anybody, she abducted me."

In a Facebook Live video recorded Thursday, Brackenridge goes on a profanity-laced tirade blaming his family for his problems and making accusations against them.


"My family was trying to force me. They were trying to use my mental illnesses against me. They were trying to get me to kidnap my grandma and kill her, but, like, I don't have the heart to kill her," Brackenridge says in the recording while his grandmother is in the passenger seat.

The woman pleads with her grandson to let her out of the car, saying that she needs to use the restroom, she needs to put fuel in the car and also that she needs her medication.

Viewers watched the live recording for roughly 20 minutes and commented to Brackenridge that he should let his grandmother go. At one point, it appears that Brackenridge hits his grandmother when the subject of his mother and the people watching respond with comments of outrage.

A sheriff's deputy spotted the car and stopped it at a gas station on Salem Road, arresting Brackenridge and ending the grandmother's ordeal.

A judge told Brackenridge that the system will get him the help he needs. Several deputies had to struggle with the 31-year-old as he left court.

Brackenridge is in jail on $75,000 bond. A judge ordered him to stay away from his grandmother if he does bond out.

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