Suspect accused of attacking a man with a beer can at the Delhi Skirt Game

Accused of attacking a man with a beer can, kicking him at the Delhi Skirt Game (HCSO)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A man is accused of assaulting another man at the Delhi Skirt Game. Peyton Walpole is charged with felonious assault for the August 4 incident.

According to court papers, Walpole was arguing with several people at the event in Delhi Park. The victim tried to calm things down but witnesses say Walpole continued to shout and swear.

Police say Walpole ran off a few feet, turned and threw an unopened beer can at the victim, hitting him in his eye and shattering bone around it. Then witnesses say Walpole kicked the victim in the head while he was down on the ground. The victim needed a total of 20 stitches for a cut above his left eye.

The victim and several witnesses identified Walpole.

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