Man accused of killing Hailey Hall has history of intimidating witnesses

Man accused of killing Hailey Hall has history of intimidating witnesses (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A murder trial delayed again and the detective thinks he knows why the suspect wants more time.

Hailey Hall was beaten to death a year and a half ago. William Arnold’s trial is on hold again as he seeks his fourth defense attorney, but there is another possible motive for the delay.

William Arnold seemed to get what he wanted on Wednesday after he fired his attorneys. It could be months before new attorneys are ready for a new murder trial.

The detective on the case says Arnold may have a motive for wanting more time.

"I truly believe it's possible he could reach witnesses, intimidate or influence them, it’s a great possibility,” said Detective Zopfi.

It is Arnold’s “Modus Operandi”. Court documents back that assertion up in case after case, mostly for drug crimes. Witnesses are subpoenaed but don't show up. Cases are dismissed.

But in this one case, a detective charged Arnold with intimidating a witness. It was Detective Zopfi's case. He also talked to witnesses in other cases who didn't come to court.

"They were afraid to come to court he had reached third party and were calling or driving by residences making threats on his behalf,” said Detective Zopfi.

One witness for the prosecution cannot be intimidated though. When there is a trial, jury will see security video from a motel. The video depicts Arnold carrying an unconscious Hailey into the motel at 3:30 a.m. in the morning, then carrying her still unconscious out eight hours later.

She was dropped off at the hospital and died days later of blunt force trauma.

Hailey's friends say they will be back in court for the new trial.

"I know if Hailey were here, she'd do it for me,” said Alexis Stultz, a friend of Hailey.

Detective Zopfi has talked to witnesses about the continuance.

"I met with several yesterday after the decision still on board, everyone wants justice for Hailey,” said Detective Zopfi.

Detective Zopfi can retire. He says he's not going to leave the department until he hears a judge announce a guilty verdict in the murder of Hailey Hall.

If convicted, Arnold faces a possible life sentence.

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