Man builds list of best holiday light displays in the Tri-State

Man builds list of best holiday light displays in the Tri-State (WKRC)

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Ohio (WKRC) – If you have an impressive light display at your house, chances are you’ve been put on a list.

But don't worry! It's not the naughty or nice list, but one that celebrates the best holiday lights in the region.

“The list is ever growing. I believe last year I was over 30, this year I’m over 60 now and in five counties in three states,” said Ryan Simpson.

Simpson’s list of some of the best holiday lights is on his Facebook page.

When Simpson finds a good one or receives a location it goes on the page. Each night Simpson scouts them and shares them.

“Some people can’t put up lights and that’s understandable,” said Simpson. “That’s why we do this for those that can’t and that’s why we do the Facebook for those you can’t come out and see it.”

And you better believe Simpson’s yard is decked out too. After taking a few years off from decorating, Simpson is back.

“He (Simpson’s father) just taught us, let’s make other people happy. So that’s why we started buying decorations, lights. It evolved into this. Ten years ago it was nothing like this,” said Simpson.

You can also follow Cincy Christmas Lights on Instagram.

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