Man loses money when Western Union money orders are stolen from mailbox

Man loses money when Western Union money orders are stolen from mailbox (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A local man says he's been left out to dry after a mailbox theft.

In March, he paid his rent with money orders but that has become one big nightmare.

Tom Meagher says he dropped off two money orders at his landlord's mailbox. He later learned the landlord never got them.

“There wasn't a closed drop box on the door of the building and I thought it was fairly small, a skinny mailbox but someone was still able to reach down there,” said Meagher.

Meagher says health issues forced him to stop working last year and he has been short on funds.

After his checks were stolen, Meagher was evicted from his apartment complex and actually ended up living out of his car here for nearly a month until his new disability check arrived.

Meagher is now living in Dry Ridge and says he just wants to get his money back for the stolen money orders.

He filed a police theft report and keeps in touch with the investigator.

“I guess there's not much he can do at this point, but he is in contact with the bank of William, Texas where they were cashed,” said Meagher.

That's right, his money orders were cashed at a bank in Texas, just three days after they were stolen.

“It looks like it has been marked out and then you can tell where someone else put in their name which obviously isn't mine,” said Meagher.

Now, who should repay Meagher the $1,271 that were stolen?

“I don't know, it’s between Western Union and the bank where they were deposited at, quite possibly the bank,” said Meagher.

Local 12’s Howard Ain contacted Western Union, which sold Meagher the money orders, and a spokeswoman says it is working with Meagher.

The company's website says it cannot guarantee money order funds can be recovered from the bank where it was first deposited.

It says Western Union's Forgery Department acts on behalf of the consumer to collect the funds from the bank, but cannot force the bank to pay.

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