Man sells fake coins to collector, tries to pull gun on police

Man sells fake coins to collector, tries to pull gun on police (WKRC)

BELLEVUE, Ky. (WKRC) - More than 100 coins that Bellevue Police believe are counterfeit are being stored in an evidence locker. Jerry Harris is a collector. He and his wife both collect coins, Morgan silver dollars, in particular. Generally, Harris can tell a real one from a fake.

Harris said, “Anybody who looks at a real coin versus a fake coin, they’re going to notice that the fake coins that are from China or Asia or wherever they fake them are actually thicker than the real one.”

Although Harris knows his coins pretty well, last Thursday he got scammed. He saw an ad for Morgan silver dollars online. Harris met the seller in the parking lot of Party Source, spending $1500 for 36 coins.

“There’s various things you can do to tell whether they’re real or not, but after I got home, I inspected the coins and believed them to be fake,” said Harris.

Harris went to police and officers set up the phony seller to meet him at the same parking lot.

“I had an officer that was undercover in plainclothes in a non-police vehicle meet him down there,” said Lt. Jon McClain.

“When we attempted to take him into custody, the subject immediately stood up and dumped the coins all over the ground, and started to reach into his waist band.“

An officer was able to take the suspect to the ground before he could pull his loaded gun out on them, including the police chief.

Police took the fake coins to a local store that confirmed that the coins are no good.

Police say that another Northern Kentucky jurisdiction is looking into whether the same suspect is connected to crimes in their area. Police think there could potentially be more victims.

If you think that the same man may have sold you phony coins, call Bellevue police. The number is 859-292-4234.

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