Man suspected of stealing hospice car on Christmas has lengthy criminal record

Man suspected of stealing hospice car on Christmas has lengthy criminal record (BCSO)

MILFORD, Ohio (WKRC) - A suspected car thief that struck in Hamilton on Christmas Day. Duane Short is accused of stealing a hospice car full of presents. But this isn't the first time Short has been accused of stealing a car; he has a lengthy rap sheet.

Linda Bronner says she left her car running at a Milford gas station parking lot when she went in to grab a drink. The next thing she knew, her car was gone.

"I seen nothing. I'm out there asking, 'Did anybody see?'" Bronner said.

Bronner had her purse, phone and luggage inside the car.

"I had $150 in cash and then I had two suitcases full of clothes and personal items. I mean, sentimental things that have no value that I'll never see again," she said.

Days later, officers found her car ditched in Hamilton.

"They had stuck their syringes down in here. They were nice enough to bend them so that anybody that found them didn't get poked," Bronner said.

Police say Short stole her car. The 38-year-old has been connected to car thefts before. A quick check of court records shows a lengthy criminal history. He took a plea deal in 2016 on charges of grand theft and receiving stolen property.

Short also served time in prison, and the state has been looking for him for violating his parole.

As for Bronner, she's relieved to know Short is under arrest again.

"I'm still recovering from it, but he didn't break me, and I'm glad that I can stand here today and say he's right where he belongs and needs to stay there," Bronner said.

Short will be in court Jan. 2.

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