Mariemont students brew up successful business class project

Business class, donation and expert help lead to student-run coffee shop (WKRC)

MARIEMONT, Ohio (WKRC) - There's something brewing at Mariemont High School and, it's got the kids perked up.

At the beginning of the school year, six students taking a business management class were told they need to come up with a project.

One thing led to another and they decided to open a coffee shop inside the school. "Right before class starts, you can just pop in, grab a coffee and go to class."

It was a pipe dream at first but now it's now up and running thanks to some help from principal Jim Renner, a donor, and Milford business owner Nick Ganim. "Dr. Renner actually contacted Mr. Ganim and said hey, we've had this alum that's contacted us and given us a donation of $10,00 dollars, what should we do with it? He had the great idea of, kind of, starting a coffee shop down here and we were like hey, why not use that for our project."

Jacob Crabtree walks through the steps. "Right over here is where the lead operation starts. You've got your latte maker. So, he'll make the lattes and while he's doing that, once it gets to about 120 degrees, he'll start the expresso machine. Then we get two shots of Expresso right here. And, that's just your basic latte. Then over here is kind of where your coffee is and if someone wants to get a cup of coffee, they'll pick one up off the front counter and just got to pour it down and you're ready to go. So you've got your fresh ground coffee machine and we actually have our own house blend coffee. It's called MHS blend coffee, specifically made for Mariemont High School."

"First quarter she told us we were going to open a coffee bar and I was like, alright, that's like, a nice idea, but it's probably not going to get done. Then, here we are. All open and ready for business.

"I got an email from Principal Renner," said Nick Ganim, owner of Old Milford Parlor Coffee & Ice Cream. "He wanted some help opening a coffee shop in a high school I thought it was a great idea right away. I had a meeting with him. He kind of discussed that he wanted to put a coffee shop in a high school. He wanted different classes to use the different things that it would be like to run a business. I wish I had that when I was in high school and I jumped on it right away to help them."

Students seem satisfied with project and their coffee. "I just thought it was going to be a great way to start off the morning with a hot cup of Joe."

Students say the shop doesn't have one dominant product. People have ordered everything from hot chocolate to chai tea lattes.

Coffee may wake you up in the morning, but this wakes the students up to the real-world business.

This operation involves more than just one class. The students in the finance class deal with the money. The marketing class is working on a sign. Eventually the art class will create a mural.

The students open the shop every morning from around 7:15 to 8:15, before the first bell rings.

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