Maslow's Army celebrates life of humanitarian by giving back

Maslow's Army passed out food, clothes and hygiene supplies to homeless people in downtown while celebrating the life of 69-year-old Kathy Casper on Sunday (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Sunday afternoon marked the 23rd consecutive Sunday that Sam and Susan Landis and their organization Maslow’s Army passed out food, clothes and hygiene supplies to homeless people in downtown Cincinnati.

"It touches me because people like that really do care about the people that's been out here like me and everybody else out here. We don't have that support,” said Batista Crim.

Crim says he’s been homeless for 15 years. Crim and Jalen McGlothin both say this kind of gesture is impressive.

“There’s people constantly not eating. People that’s hopeless. Constantly people struggling for a home. Struggling because no family wants to support them. But to me, out here, it’s a good atmosphere,” said McGlothin.

While the gesture is becoming a regular thing on Fountain Square, this Sunday there was another reason for so many people to show up. The afternoon was also a time to reflect on the life of 69-year-old Kathy Casper.

Casper suddenly died on July 1st and was dedicated to making a difference by helping out homeless people in Cincinnati.

"She would go above and beyond what any normal person would do. I've encountered so many people that have come up to me with testimonials about all the wonderful work she has done,” said Susan Landis.

Landis worked for the IRS but according to those who spent time with and around her, her mission in life was to be on the streets doing whatever she could for anyone who take the help.

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