Mason mother of 3 raises children alone after husband's drowning

Mason mother of 3 raises children alone after husband's drowning (WKRC)

MASON, Ohio (WKRC) – The choice was homelessness or a trailer and a mother of three chose the trailer. It hasn’t been the easiest road for Kimberly Miller, but still, there is joy on the faces of her three children. She has worked hard to put smiles on their faces every day and provide for them.

Their Mason mobile home was built in 1956 and Kim says it hasn't been upgraded since. The stove doesn’t work, so she uses a toaster oven and an electric single burner. The shower does not work, so the family uses a hose. There are holes in the floor of the home.

Two years ago, Kim's husband drowned. That left her and their three children Isaiah, Setheah, and Tobias without financial support. Kim moved the kids to Mason to try and start over.

Kimberly said, “We were going to get ready to go to a shelter and that was the only place that was available.”

So the decision was clear for Kim. She chose the trailer over homelessness.

“It's not the best situation for my kids. Some of the floors are falling in, pretty soon probably won't have a bathroom soon,” Kim said.

It's difficult for Kim to work between Crohn's Disease and finding care for her three-year-old. One of her children also has special needs. The family doesn't have a car. A volunteer with St. Vincent de Paul is raising money to help them get a new home.

“Wonderful person and I probably wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for her,” said Kim.

Despite the challenges, Kimberly has been able to support her family on $750 a month in social security, food stamps, and medical assistance and she's still teaching her kids to be grateful for what they have.

Kimberly looked at her children and said, “These are my world. I would do anything for them. I love them so much.”

You can find a link to their GoFundMe account here.

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