Maverick Chocolate Company wins a national award

Local chocolatier wins a national award (WKRC)

OVER-THE-RHINE, Ohio (WKRC) - A local chocolatier is winning major awards for its high-quality bars.

Maverick Chocolate took home the Good Food award for Best Chocolate Bar this year, beating out nearly 200 other competitors across the country.

Paul Picton came up with the idea for the "Big Island Hawaii Bar" after judging a chocolate competition in the Aloha State. The cacao beans are grown in Hawaii - making this chocolate as unique as it is delicious.

"Typically it's been very hard to get high quality beans out of Hawaii," said the chocolatier. "It's too far north, which sounds funny to those of us in Cincinnati watching the snow fall, but for the cacao growing regions it's at the northern extreme."

But Picton managed to find a good grower who was a former botanist in Washington and he turned her cacao beans into the award-winning chocolate.

The Hawaiian chocolate isn't the only new flavor Picton is cooking up at his little shop next to Findlay Market. He's got some sweet treats in the works for Valentine's Day, too.

"We've worked up a new flavor combination for us, which is a raspberry white chocolate," said Picton. "We'll also be using that raspberry white chocolate to make a raspberry rose truffle."

Maverick will also set up a kiosk at the Kenwood Mall starting February 9th, to give customers an extra spot to grab treats for their sweethearts.

But make sure you get the right kind!

"Last year we found it quite humorous, we had several guys come in on the 15th to pick up chocolate and they didn't realize there was a difference in chocolate brands out there," said Picton. "Apparently they brought home the wrong chocolate!"

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