Meet Covington's new police chief

Meet Covington's new police chief (WKRC)

COVINGTON, Ky. (WKRC) - Cities across the country are having trouble getting recruits for police departments.

It's more than the dangerous job. It's the hours and the stress on family.

Covington's new police chief thinks he can appeal to good men and women to join the force.

Frank Bonfilio's been grilling at the Olde Town Tavern on West Pike Street for 30 years. He's seen a lot in the neighborhood. He likes the new vibe. There’s a Hotel Covington, Braxton Brewery and new apartments for young people moving into the city.

"More people, means commission is going to have to hire more cops, down to a skeleton crew doing a great job. Once they bring in more people, things are going to happen,” said Frank.

The man who is going to fight for that is not a new guy on the streets, he just has a new title.

Covington's new police chief has been a cop in Covington for 20 years

"It’s big shoes to fill, good chiefs before me,” said Chief Rob Nader.

Career moments of Chief Rob Nader made the news. Such as when he talked a man out of jumping off the suspension bridge. He got employee of the month for that, And there was also the time when he choose not to shoot a man who shot at him.

Nader had his gun drawn, but decided to holster it and wrestle the gunman to the ground.

"Don't grow up through the ranks to become chief unless you know what it takes to be a good cop,” said Kenton County Magistrate Stephen Hoffman.

Good cops. Chief Nader wants more of them, along with more diversity.

Kentucky's police pension is a mess right now, but Chief Nader thinks he can appeal to the greater good.

"if you want to be a police officer can make a difference in this city if you want to help people and that's what you can do every day,” said Chief Nader.

Chief Nader wants the police officers to be crime fighters, but work more with crime victims.

Customers at the tavern say they have faith in the new chief.

Covington Police Department will be testing applicants in November.

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