Memories up for bid: Equipment auctioned off from Milford's Expressway Park

Equipment auctioned off from Milford's Expressway Park (WKRC)

MILFORD, Ohio (WKRC) - Some local sports history hits the auction block on Wednesday.

The Expressway Park Softball Complex in Milford closed to make way for FC Cincinnati's $30 million training facility.

If you want to equip a softball team, what better place to come than to a softball complex which saw thousands of teams play from 1981 until this past Sunday night.

On Wednesday, it was all put up for bid. Bats, balls, trophies, drainage pipes, field sweepers… you name it, you want it, you can afford it? You got it.

“We're going to auction off virtually everything that's salvageable, and salvageable is determined by if anybody's going to bid on it,” said Auctioneer Mark Euton, of Asset IQ Auctions.

You might come for one thing, and go home with something else, such as brand new softballs,

“Well I'm looking at the bleachers. We need some at Clinton Massie, and the softballs came up and I just got 'em,” said Cindy Running, the athletics director at Clinton-Massie High School.

You might think they're going to auction off only the small stuff you could carry. Sports equipment, coolers. Nope. They're going to try to sell everything including the fences. Item 519. You have to buy it, not steal it. Otherwise you'd have to fence a fence.

Or get something really heavy, like the lights.

While many buyers came for specific items, some came for the memories. Others? Both.

“We're here for both… We all played ball here, but we're going to get stuff for the kids, some used equipment to benefit the kids in the neighborhood,” said Rachel Ray of the Fayetteville Athletic Association.

Everything purchased has to be gone within a week, so construction can begin on the FC Cincinnati soccer training facility.

Expressway park is going… going… gone.

They're still totaling up how many items sold, but it's in the hundreds.

Someone did buy the light towers and about half the fencing also went.

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