Microneedling procedure at CEI lifts skin in 30 minutes

Microneedling procedure at CEI lifts skin in 30 minutes (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - It's one of the hottest treatments that is said to keep you looking younger, longer.

The latest therapy at the Cincinnati Eye Institute has many women getting a bit of a face lift without surgery.

Rhonda Freeze says she's been searching the shelves for years for the secret to eternal youth.

“I am probably a lotion addict,” said Rhonda.

Recently, she decided to attack those tiny facial lines.

With the help of skin specialist Renee Ingle and a procedure called “Microneedling.”

“Microneedling uses multiple needles to puncture the dermis and by doing that your body responds naturally producing its own collagen,” said Renee Ingle, a skin specialist.

Renee simply numbs the skin, and for about 30 minutes uses this tiny tool to put pin pricks all over the face and neck.

This fights: “Fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring,” said Renee.

By forcing the skin to fill in the pin pricks with protein or collagen, which is what gives skin structure.

For best results, three to four or maybe even four to six treatments, and you do space those out over a bit of time, however you can see a pretty remarkable difference at the end of that time.

“I noticed some of the fine lines and wrinkles were gone,” said Rhonda.

Rhonda says she has continued her love for lotions but also liked the way they made her look after microneedling.

“I noticed that my skin was brighter, kind of a more youthful glow,” said Rhonda.

The kind of glow she says she imagines really does come from the fountain within your own skin.

The treatments cost about $200 and you need at least three or four over a year for best results.

The only real side effect is a bit of redness on the skin the day of the procedure.

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