Mom accused of shooting up heroin in front of son appears in court

Lauren Story answers to charges in court that she shot up heroin in an alley in front of her toddler son (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A mother caught on surveillance tape shooting up heroin with a man in front of her-three year-old son answered to child endangering and drug charges in court Friday.

Police arrested Lauren Story on Aug. 3 after an off-duty police officer recognized her and her son from a photo of the surveillance while at the Hamilton County Courthouse. Police said the boy was dirty and hungry but otherwise fine.

Assistant prosecutor David Wood said he's been seeing too many cases like these.

"I sound like a broken record, judge. People have sympathy for people who use heroin. That simply ends when you're doing it in front of your children," said Wood.

Newtown Police Chief Tom Synan agrees.

“When you see it on video, it’s shocking and there’s no two ways about it, it pisses you off that someone would do that in front of their kid,” said Synan.

Judge Tyrone Yates ordered Story held on $20,000 bond, or she can get out of jail if she wears and electronic monitoring device.

First, Story has to serve 29 days in jail for a previous criminal trespassing conviction. She's expected to seek treatment.

"We are starting to trend more towards the person that is addicted, get them care so they can recover from this,” said Synan.

Synan says since August of 2016there have been approximately 430 people have died in Hamilton County after overdosing. Synan says programs are in place to help with addiction but not enough. More treatment options are needed but there’s just no money to pay for it.

"When is it that the state and federal government who have the resources, the money, help us solve the problem,” said Synan. “When are they going to see this as an emergency and finally start acting like it's an emergency, passing emergency legislation, open up emergency funding so we can get a grip on this. "

Story’s son is now with his paternal grandparents. Judge Yates said Story can only see her son with under the approval of Job and Family Services.

JFS says this too is a trend they’re seeing. Grandparents becoming parents again because of addiction. Last year the state wide numbers were horrific. Hamilton County JFS director Moria Weir says 70 percent of infants coming into the system are a result of opioids.

"Children are experiencing an incredible amount of trauma. Often times because they've witnesses their parents OD and come back with Narcan, or they've helped shoot their parents up or they've seen it,” said Weir.

Story’s case goes to a Hamilton County grand jury for possible indictment August 14th.

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